Hotel Reservation

Aircraft landed, chocks and brakes are on, passengers left the airport, and the crew needs to get some rest. We are ready to provide any of our crews with: hotel accommodation, lounge or rest facilities or just quick sights tour around the city for short stay at any of our locations.

A special crew rate at most of our locations, non-penalty cancelation, most of international and local brand hotels give us the possibility to make the crew feel as they are at home.

Crew lounge and rest facilities are for short stay at any of our locations. It can be organized and arranged at any time.

We prepare all types of services mentioned above free of charge. It is our pleasure to take care of our crew.

With our trained staff we can fix up comfortable transportation to/from hotels. Our team can be reached at any time of the day, because we want you to be relaxed as we serve you.

You can find information about the hotels at our locations below.

Just contact us, and give us the possibility to take care of you. At least we can help to avoid penalties for unexpected cancelations.