Other Services


All we know is that aviation is one of the non-predictable businesses in the world. We may plan, we may suggest but there can always be last minute changes.
Any flight, any customer needs something special and something different. Our experience gives, enables us to handle wide range of services and requests.

Flight support

VIP Aviation, with its professional team and partners can support any flights at any location according to customer needs. We can offer flight support, flight planning, dispatch services, preferred routing schemes, slot coordination, giving full information for airport planning as an alternative, FPL filing procedures, over flight and landing permits worldwide, flight following, service coordination for last minute changes With us your plans will come true.

Charter solution

VIP Aviation with assistance of its customers can offer any type of charter or regular charter flights with any routing and at any destination worldwide.
Do you have cargo for transportation, livestock or dangerous goods? Will you need ad hoc flight, ambulance or business flight? Consider us at your disposal 24/365.


Fuel is an important element in the modern world. It is impossible to move forward anything in the world without fuel. Fuel value is one of the main factors to define any service price.
The same story is in Aviation.
We offer a special rate for our customers based on formula and differential according to flight program in cooperation with refueling companies.
Direct agreements, lowest surcharges, best rates on fuel gave us the opportunity to increase uplifted fuel quantity to 1000 Tons annually.
Approach VIP Aviation to manage your expanses!