Supervising services for Scheduled and non Schedule Passenger charter flights in Georgian Airports

For Schedule and non-Schedule Passenger charter flight we can offer following:

  • Personal Supervisor for All Georgian Airports for any type of flight and for any type of Services required,
  • Your Personal Representative for All Georgia and all kind of different Authorities,
  • Flight planning and Supervising,
  • Supervising Services for: RAMP Handling, Passenger Handling, loading/unloading, load transportation, baggage sorting and reconciliation, direct communication from/to cockpit on our own frequency, fuel arrangements,
  • Special rates for Crew Hotel,
  • Crew transportation on Apron,
  • Crew transportation from/to city,
  • Passenger check inn
  • Special services and assistance for unaccompanied minors and disabled passenger,
  • Special services for PAX (VIP Services, Hotel Accommodation, rerouting and etc.)
  • Excess Baggage Collection,
  • Crew rest area,
  • Controlling and Supervising of third party charges.
  • Immigration and Custom escort for Crew or Special PAX, arrangement direct transfers.

How we are handling Schedule and non-Schedule Passenger charter flights: minimum two representatives for each flight, one person is opening and closing Registration, looks after all registration process, if required, is responsible for collecting excess baggage fee, checking Passenger documents and passports in accordance with restrictions provided by the company. Second person is monitoring the Services at the aircraft from its landing until take off, he is responsible for crew assistance, preparation of flight plan, NOTAMs, weather briefing, on time refueling, loading and unloading of aircraft, and mainly responsible for providing all required services on time. In addition, third person who, is on daily duty, is controlling our representatives, level of provided services and quality.

We, as your Handler for Georgia, are taking the responsibility of providing all services you require without your dedicated staff attendance or supervision at the airport, we are providing our services during 24 hours and level of provided services is, indeed, in accordance with your highest demands.