On our 10th Anniversary we completely overviewed our vision and mission statement, which is:

1. A willingness to create a healthy and competitive environment in supervision service market.
2. To increase level of service standards.
3. To establish a service relevant pricing policy

4. To grant a global access to the local services and transparency.

Our mission:

Comfort for clients

VIP Aviation together with our team have proved to our clients that we are a reliable partner, a company, which is established for customers’ comfort.

Try Local to Feel the Difference

our team made it possible for our clients to feel difference between local and global providers our team is always ready to create a comfortable environment and provide special data and nuances of the market, which will make its operation more reliable and help to save flight direct expenses.

Serve as you want to be treated,

Our team members serve your flights according to your wishes and desires. Years of experience have shown us, that with selfless work, friendly and cohesive team, we are able to become the best business partner and create the basis for which the company will become the leader at the existing market.