Ground Handling Support in Georgia and worldwide

VIP Aviation can handle all types of Executive Aircraft ranging from small Citations to large airline-type converted jets. The emphasis of our Travel Management solutions is in providing top quality service tailored individually according to each customer’s specifications.

Landing at an airport where no credit is established for fuel or landing/handling fees can greatly slow down the turnaround time due to bill processing, currency exchange problems, financial restrictions, customs problems, non-acceptance of credit cards or partly acceptance by one or several suppliers only, slow communication between banks. Payment for last-minute changes also takes much time to process that makes crew nervous and results in delays and irritation for boarded passengers. Such things greatly influence final satisfaction with the whole journey.

Approach VIP Aviation and you can “Fly the World’’. We can provide you with all Georgian Airports and worldwide Support Services:

  • Georgia Over Flight and landing permissions including short notice and very urgent requests.
  • Over flight and landing permits worldwide,
  • Weather briefs and NOTAMs
  • Organization of the ground handling on the ramp, ramp and load control supervising personnel.
  • Traffic handling and check-in procedures for passengers and baggage
  • Coordination, representation and liaison with airport authorities and wider community
  • coordination and airport extended time approvals
  • Navigation and leading services arrangements with CAA for flights to domestic airports
  • Flight following, dispatch services and handling of last minutes changes
  • Crew lounge and rest facilities in Georgia Free of Charge.
  • VIP and CIP terminal services
  • All kind of Catering services
  • Fuel arrangements
  • Crew transportation
  • Hotel reservation and crew discounts
  • Limousine services
  • Customs assistance and Immigration assistance
  • Visa services and crew entry permits
  • Charter commuter trips or helicopter transfers
  • Security reports and guarding services
  • Cargo handling including dangerous and hazardous
  • Credit facilities and simplified credit set up procedures


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