Cargo Handling and Customs Support

VIP Aviation can provide all kind of cargo handling services to its partners with special rates and discounts. We send and receive cargo from any point all over the world, including cargo transit services. We can manage and store specific cargo (according to dimensions and weight). Experienced and certified personnel will ensure appropriate terminal service for export/import/transit cargo and provide complete information regarding the warehoused goods during 24-hours. Our non-stop working process is supported by direct communication with airport service facilities, thus we can insure complete and up to date information provision.

Prior to cargo sending, according to the Cargo Shipping Request , the officers of the appropriate service issue the AWB per airfreight. Outgoing export cargo can be secured with full pre-arrangement process necessary for airfreight,which, if required, includes cargo integration, packing in carton or wooden boxes, wrapping with plastic, preparing of euro-pallet, marking, etc. All incoming cargo is checked by Air Security Services. At the same time Client is able to insure the cargo through special Insurance Program.

VIP Aviation can provide: Cargo clearance 24-hours prior to the flight; shipment registration at the terminal “Ready for Shipping”; comprehensive declaration of the Standard Shipment and Dangerous Cargo. In case of Dangerous Goods the shipper shall provide VIP Aviation personnel with the declaration and code; shipper shall take responsibility for the problems caused by inaccurate information; for valuable, live, perishable, dangerous, specific.

We can offer Door-to-Door Service for export, import and transit cargos, ensuring cargo delivery from the shipper’s exact location to the point of destination. Our experienced and qualified experts will assist in choosing a desirable airline and route. We are able to offer logistic cargo service from any point around the world to Tbilisi, Georgia, Caucasus region and vice versa. We ensure complete service that includes cargo delivery and cargo sending in case of: Door-to-door, Airport-to-door, Door-to-airport, Airport-to-airport

We can offer full range of Customs-Broker Service; complete information shall be provided at customs-broker service head office of VIP Aviation. The service is used by lots of huge commercial companies, diplomatic missions accredited in Georgia, embassies, State structures of Georgia. Customs-broker service qualified officers save your time and energy, ensure necessary information and consultation and accomplish cargo declaration upon your request.

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