Menu in Georgia / Kutaisi

Chicken Caesar Salad

(Green leaves with copped Chicken and Caesar dressing)

7.00 USD

Greek Salad

(Tomatos, Cucumber, Green peppers, Red onion, feta and black olives dressed with oregano , olibe oil and lemon juice)

6.00 USD

Beef Steak Salad

(A Juice beef steak with crisp salad leaves)

8.00 USD

Traditional Georgian Salad

(Freshly picked local tomato cucumber)

5.00 USD

Georgian Cheese Platter

(Variety of Traditional Georgian Cheese)

15.00 USD

Selection of Georgian Appetizers

(Chooped an minced vegetabes combined with ground walnuts and traditional georgian spices)

12.00 USD

Grape Leaves Dolma

(Meeat Balls in grape leaves served with yogurt sauce)

5.00 USD

Beef Steak

(Beef entrecote)

26.00 USD

Pork Chop

(Grilled lean pork)

14.00 USD


(Roasted Chicken in cream sauce with garlic)

8.00 USD


(Meatballs form the mauntainous region of Abkhazia spices with tart barberris red chill pepper and local herbs)

10.00 USD

Griddled Mushrooms

(Sauteed mushrooms with garlic and parsley)

6.00 USD

Grilled Vegetables

(Selection of Seasonal Vegetables on the Grill)

9.00 USD

Fried potatoes

5.00 USD


8.00 USD


(Red beans pie with pickles)

6.00 USD


(Traditional Walnut Sauce)

Assorted Fruits

(Selection of Seasonal Fruits)

16.00 USD

Chocolate Volcano

7.00 USD

Pelamushi Tart

4.00 USD

Apple Strudel

4.00 USD


6.00 USD